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More About My ^Hershey^

On this page I'll just go on a bit more about ^Hershey^!


Hershey was a beautiful Chow.  The "runt" of the litter.  A family members friend had the mom and dad Chows and were desperate to find the pups a home.  Hershey being the "runt" had been stepped on by her dad, leaving a little crook in her tail.  It was her "signature".  ;)  When we lived in CO she thought she was a "mountain climbing" dog and enjoyed our adventures.  That is why I put a lot of her pictures from there on this site.  To me it was when she was in her best health and happiest.  It was a very free time...me, my husband and hershey.  We eventually grew into a family of 5 (2 parents, 2 kids, Hershey).  We will miss her.  Thanks for the memories Hersh girl!


^Hershey^ the Mountain dog!

The loves of my life at that time(now I have 2 more loves-my kids) walking together in the most beautiful country.  I capture these moments in my mind, so that I may recall them whenever.  I am just glad I had this one on film to share.   I picture ^hershey^ at the rainbow bridge checking out the mountains, running in the green grass plains and stretching under a big shade tree.  I also picture her having a little pasta in the evening.  The girl knows she likes to eat pasta, which rarely got to eat here....but at Rainbow Bridge, she gets it...I just know it.
You may have to look close to see her in the picture below....but she is there walking in absolute bliss!  Just as she is now!!!!


With warm smiles and love for you Hershgirl....