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Photo Album

On this page I'll post some of my favorite pictures of my ^Hershey^ and friends and family.


Me and Hershey hiking at Snow Mass Mtn in CO.  We had the best time that weekend in July of 1995.  We hiked up to the snow line and nearly froze our rumps off.  It was so cold Hershey slept on top of us in the sleeping bag.  She really enjoyed being in the outdoors then and all the crazy smells to take in.  This is one of my best memories.


Hershey on our back patio in Ft. Collins, CO.  She loved living in CO.  The cool air suited her.  She love to run through the tall green grass of our tiny backyard and better still she loved to barrel through the snow.  She was in her prime there.


Getting acquainted with sis.  We had just brought our baby girl home from the hospital.  Hershey was amazingly accepting.  She just looked at me like "what have you done here?" and then in typical fashion she adapted.


This is the last picture I have of hershey before she went to Rainbow Bridge.  It was only a couple of hours before our Vet appt.  She was unable to get up and move around very much.  She wasn't much on having a lot of fuss made over her so she was very tolerant when I gave her the daisy and asked her if I could take one more picture.  She was really just  "putting up" with her old aggravating mom.   Thanks Hershey you were the best!  I know you are healthy and whole again and I miss you, but  I am also happy for you! (((( Big hugs Hersh bear)))).

With warm smiles and love for you Hershgirl....